Klean Industries: Let us coach & teach you the rules of the "Waste to Energy" game

Pyrolysis and gasification-based waste-to-energy technologies create excellent business opportunities. The global market drivers for sustainable development are a driving force behind these attractive opportunities for investors and project developers alike:

  • Extremely efficient waste treatment
  • High-value end commodity-based products
  • Recovery of non-oxidized metals & cleaner energy
  • Waste volume reduction
  • Environmentally safe technologies with end products that are stable & safe, reducing harm to the environment
  • Proven commercial gasification & pyrolysis facilities - the viability of large-scale

Main target customers groups:

  • Local authorities, responsible for the disposal of municipal solid waste
  • Operators of the recycling & resource recovery facilities
  • Industrial and agricultural enterprises generating own waste

Tired of the run-around with technology providers that are not what they say they are?

In business, there are always potential dangers and for many investors and project developers, this is due in part to the lack of detailed knowledge regarding pyrolysis and gasification-based technologies. Waste-to-energy is a very popular subject nowadays and without experience, it is easy to be confused and misled by what we refer to as backyard engineering groups. While many technology providers may use all the popular language to describe such technologies – very few have any commercial merit. We are approached every day by clients and investors who have been walked down the wrong path and more often than not we have investors coming to us that have spent capital chasing projects and technologies that have no hope of ever being commercial. Furthermore, pretty much all of the best designs are already in the marketplace, it is very rare to find world-changing technologies that are in a commercial state that is not already being employed in some shape or form somewhere – don’t be confused by the rhetoric. Regardless of how many times certain technology developers try to rename, rebrand and or repackage bad designs and unproven technologies.

Unfortunately with any new industry that is creating a buzz in the marketplace, you often get a lot of misrepresentation and unfortunately failures. Our team has even witnessed fake or what we call mock plants that never worked at all, they were just made to look like they work and this has created a negative image of pyrolysis and gasification-based technologies. Any technology realization on a laboratory or pilot-plant scale is one issue, while the practical realization at the commercial level is an extremely different thing. There is a big difference between a pilot plant and a continuously operating large-scale commercial plant, that operates profitability for the long term, which should be long in excess of its initial return on investment.

Long-term Practical Experience

We have learned our lessons from long-term practical experience and we know it, inside and out. Don’t be fooled by all the companies in the marketplace saying “We are the world’s first” - it is just not true and the facts speak for themselves, 99% of these so-called “world’s first” did not even exist when we were already in commercial operations. We have had plants operating, producing oil from oil-based waste such as tires and plastic since the late 1970s, and large-scale commercial operations since the late 1980s. Not only do we offer proven technology, on one hand, but we also offer excellent business advisory services and a multitude of investment opportunities into new areas of implementation using commercially proven pyrolysis and gasification technologies:

  • Efficient industrially proven pyrolysis & gasification technologies developed “in-house” with a track record exceeding hundreds of large-scale installations
  • A broad network of equipment vendors, suppliers, and other subcontractors
  • Commodity off-take partners who are leading fortune 500 industrials
  • Long-term experience gained from the practical realization of the multiple large-scale commercial plants that distinguish us from the competitors
  • World’s leading EPCM/DBC and insurance partners who wrap our projects with performance guarantees and service our plants for decades of smooth operations

Tailored Solutions & Technologies

Klean can custom tailor services and product offerings for each individual project. We are project developers ourselves and prefer to be owners of each project we develop. Our Team can demonstrate large-scale plants that have had decades of excellence, and long-term continuous operations behind them, and we are prepared to prove it. We also offer feedstock testing services with qualified testing facilities so that performance tests can be completed without disrupting our commercial facilities. We also complete a number of feasibility studies on an annual basis for our customer’s projects so we are up to date with all the commercial reality within this space.

We offer “real world” technologies and solutions that balance your ecology objectives and your economic requirements. If you’re interested in working with Klean please contact the company and follow our inquiry process and it will be our pleasure to help you develop your project.

Please feel free to contact us and set up an appointment to speak with a member of the Klean Team » GO.

About Klean Industries

Klean Industries (“Klean”) provides best-in-class technologies and solutions in the waste-to-value industry. Our international team of award-winning experts have decades of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the highest quality equipment to convert waste streams into valuable energy and resources. Our unique products and services are a result of combined know-how in the design of recycling, resource recovery, waste management, and power generation projects. Our global project management expertise safeguards timelines and budgets enabling projects to be delivered in less time and at lower costs.

Klean uses proprietary technologies to rapidly develop projects that produce the highest quality fuels, recovered Carbon Blacks (“rCB”), and green hydrogen from various kinds of feedstocks. Our knowledge and skillfulness provide a specialization in building projects that use advanced thermal technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification, and carbonization, which convert end-of-life tires (“ELT”), end-of-life plastics (“ELP”), and municipal solid waste (“MSW”) into domestic energy, sustainable commodities, and new cleantech jobs. We create a symbiosis between waste, resources, and energy. Klean Industries is the link between the low carbon, circular economy, and the goal of zero waste to landfill.


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