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These are the main messages from the 4th regional conference “Environment for Europe” ENE08, held in Belgrade, Serbia on June 4-5, 2008, and traditionally organized by “Environmental Ambassadors” and Serbian Chamber of Commerce. This year, about 200 participants from 11 countries talked about the environment and renewable energy sources, as well as on potentials of protected areas in local sustainable development. The conference promotes European environmental values and UNEP Messages for 2008 World Environmental Day.

In the opening address, on the importance of environment, as a prerequisite of a happy life, particularly in this region spoke the Ambassador of Netherlands to Belgrade, Mr. Ronald van Dartel. He emphasized the importance and necessity of education in the field of the environment. He also said that the Netherlands financed the program in this region of the Western Balkans worth 24 million EURO. Ambassador Dartel said that it is important to sign the EU Stabilization and Association Agreement and that the Netherlands is ready to lend them a helping hand through planned projects.

Environment, sustainable development, and renewable energy sources are all priority issues of the Government of Denmark, said Ms. Mette Kjuel Nielsen. Denmark has been involved in the issues at stake for a very long time. It invested a lot into projects concerning the environment, said Ambassador Nielsen. She said that Denmark is ready to pass all its experiences in this field to all sectors at the local level in the Republic of Serbia.

Counselor to the Swedish Embassy in Serbia, Mr. Bjorn Mossberg, spoke about the EU statistics relating to the environment, pointing out that environmental problems must be in the limelight in the Region, while both negative and positive experiences must be exchanged as well, he said. He noticed Swedish support to the environmental sector, as well as strategic sustainable development of the countries of the region.

Mr. Tom Kelly, Resident Director of National Democratic Institute – Serbia, pointed out the importance of the NGO sector in the promotion and advocacy of environmental values, as well as influencing the decision-making process. By presenting case studies from the USA he promotes environmental democracy and motivated Conference participants to be active in reaching a goal of high environmental values.

The Conference Chairperson Prof Andjelka Mihajlov, “Environmental Ambassadors” president pointing out that: environment (and pollution) is not recognizing borders and frontiers and it is the commitment that European environmental values are citizens of region goal. She pointed out the importance of regional environmental cohesion in the EU accession process, as well as the importance of a partnership between different parties (NGO, government, business, and others) in this process.

In the opening addresses, Mr. Nikola Ille – acting head of World Bank Serbia, Ms. Tanja Miscevic – Director of EU Integration Office of Government of Serbia, Mr. Bojan Kovacic – acting Director of Agency for Energy Efficiency, Mr. Djordje Stanisic – Secretary-General of Standing Conference of towns and municipalities, and Mr. Andjelko Kovacevic – vice-president of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, supported the promotion of the importance of the environment in EU accession process and the other sectors politics, as well the Mission of “Environmental Ambassadors” by promoting these.

The list of presenters includes Prof Antonia Young (talking about the cross-border Balkans Peace Park), Prof Zora Dajic Stevanovi (presenting the potential of Serbian flora resources for sustainable tourism development), Snezana Kovacevic (presenting Development of the full-scale demonstration plant “Kamendin-Ideal farm”), Marko Cacanoski (presenting Rural Development and Use of Natural Resources), Sigfried Brenke (presenting The Danube River Basin – and Cities on the Water), and Jesse Klinkhamer (talking on environmentally conscious industrial energy solutions).

During the Conference Moderators of Session were: Aleksandra Knez- Milojkovi (Conference Co-chair), Dušan Stoki, Miomira Lazovi, Gordana ukvas, Ljubinka Kaludjerovi, Hristina Stevanovi-arapina, Marina Ili, Danko Aleksi, Predrag Simonovi, Vera Jankovi, Srdjan Dživdžanovi and Biljana Jovanovic. CD Conference Proceedings (with full papers) is published.

The conference is traditionally organized by “Environmental Ambassadors” and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and supported by EPTISA Regional South-Eastern Europe Office. EnE08 is supported by Serbian Ministries for Environmental Protection, and Economy and Regional Development, Serbian Agency for Energy Efficiency, Institute or Standardization, Standing Conference for Towns and Municipalities, and Government of Canada - Partnerships for Tomorrow Program II.

“Environmental Ambassadors” team (Tamara, Dragana, Milica, Jovana, Marijana, Filip, Teodora, Ana) contributed to the success of the Conference.

For more information on United Nations World Environment Day, please follow the link, World Environment Day


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