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Vancouver, Canada - Klean Industries Inc. is pleased to announce that it has initiated researching the possibilities of using gases produced from its unique gasification and pyrolysis systems to make synthetic liquid biofuels. 

The first two liquid biofuels under investigation are ethanol and methanol due to the rapidly increasing demand for fuels in North America. To begin with, the focus will be on catalytic conversion processes such as the Sabatier and Fischer-Tropsch processes. The Fischer-Tropsch catalytically converts synthetic gases such as those produced from our systems, to liquid fuels. 

Energy independence was forefront in the minds of North Americans during the 1970s when gas prices soared and lines formed at every gas station. Consumers responded with energy-saving practices and smaller cars…and then quickly forgotten. We forgot that using less oil is only one part of the solution. Ultimately we need to be more energy independent. 

Twenty years later, prices are again soaring and consumers are demanding answers. Well, this time these new fuels offer an alternative. Ethanol or E85 is a home-grown alternative fuel produced from crops and waste products. It is environmentally good for us – think of it…turning waste into fuel! It is economically good for us – stabilizing commodity prices and increasing jobs. It is good for our transportation needs – with more than 750,000 flexible fuel vehicles on the market this year.

Ethanol has recently been touted as a replacement for gasoline. In the USA, ethanol-enriched gasoline is in use primarily in the Midwest states is sold as E85. Adding ethanol to gasoline oxygenates it thus reducing the amount of carbon monoxide and unburned fuel in the exhaust gas reducing smog. 

Brazil, one of the first countries to convert to ethanol for transportation use, is now completely free of oil imports. The USA which currently imports 60% of its oil is watching Brazil’s progress. The most recent US energy bill, signed into law last August, calls for more than doubling ethanol use by 2012. In preparation, the big three car manufacturers have begun selling “flex-fuel” vehicles capable of being powered by ethanol-enriched gasoline.


Klean Industries is a specialized international company using advanced “clean” technologies to develop projects which provide environmentally conscious solutions to energy and waste management challenges using unique low carbon footprint technologies and solutions. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and is committed to solving problems large and small in an economically meaningful and environmentally responsible manner, with a focus on two significant waste streams, petroleum-based waste (specifically plastics and scrap tires) and organic waste.

Klean Industries utilizes worldwide patented technologies and proprietary methods as part of its solutions portfolio. Klean also holds the worldwide rights to manufacture and distribute a number of proprietary waste-treatment technologies, all of which are environmentally safe, low-cost, and commercially viable, which allow us to create a unique convergence between waste recycling and renewable energy. We are your technology integration specialists.

Klean Industries provides clients with innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. We specialize in recycling, resource recovery, steam and power generation facilities. Klean is also involved in researching, developing, and commercializing technologies for the production of alternative clean fuels.

Our services include consulting, engineering, procurement, construction, start-up, and operator training for all our facilities and technology applications. Klean uses registered professional engineers in all disciplines; therefore, we can perform 100% of design engineering “in-house” or contract out some of our work to localized firms depending on the client and project. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers regardless of the size or location of the project.


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