Klean Industries Commences EPC Tendering Process for Tire Pyrolysis Recycling Plants

Vancouver, Canada - Klean Industries Inc., which owns the IP behind the world’s most commercialized advanced thermal conversion technology for the tertiary recycling of scrap tires has begun the competitive EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) tendering process on the two Resource Recovery Facilities to be located in the United Kingdom and the United States. The US$40M flagship facilities will each recycle 100 tons a day of tires into high-quality oil, nano carbon black, and steel as well as generate electricity for export to the grid. 

Tires are a highly problematic waste stream for all countries to contend with and current management solutions are either wasteful (monofil), oversupplied (tire chip and crumb) or emission heavy (TDF for the cement and paper industry). The latter is about to be severely restricted in the US by newly proposed EPA regulations changing the waste status of TDF and demanding much greater emission controls. With landfill and incineration banned in the UK as in the rest of Europe, there is insufficient domestic capacity in either the US or the UK to deal with the 400M tires they collectively produce. 

Klean Industries Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, Canada was established in 2005 to acquire a portfolio of commercialized advanced thermal conversion technologies that can recycle any petroleum-based waste such as tires, plastics, and automotive shredder residues. The company is focused on scrap tires for plant locations due to the attractive returns achievable and the significant volumes of waste tires available. 

Klean’s continuous process is uniquely able to take whole tires into the reactor, unlike similar technologies that require tires to be shredded and then chipped. The planned facilities will house the liquefaction reactor and condensing equipment, nano carbon upgrading technology as well as storage for the oil and carbon off-take. The whole process is seamless and fully automated. 

Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries said “After much positioning, negotiating and due diligence on the technology and the waste tire industry, Klean Industries is pleased to announce that the EPCM tendering process has begun; we are talking to some of the brightest and most experienced companies in their sector.” Klean Industries has already developed a pipeline of follow-on projects for a worldwide rollout. Klean’s CEO adds “Ten of our facilities would still only be able to process one percent of the world’s scrap tires, that’s how big the problem (and the potential) is!”. Each facility will produce 10,000 tons of fuel oil, 5,000 tons of CBk carbon black and 3,600 tonnes of high-grade steel, and 3MW of electricity. 

About Klean Industries Inc:

Klean Industries is a specialized, international company that provides sustainable solutions to energy and waste management problems through the use of advanced technologies that recover valuable resources. The company is currently receiving dozens of inquiries a week from all over the world wanting to establish similar Resource Recovery Facilities for tires and plastics.


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