H2 View | Klean Industries Forming Consortium to Support Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Refueling

Canadian-headquartered Klean Industries has said it is finalizing partnerships for a consortium to facilitate green hydrogen projects to support mobility.

The pyrolysis plant manufacturer says the partnerships will help meet the demand for hydrogen infrastructure and transportation for the mobility sector, with hopes to allow for faster adoption of hydrogen in logistics and transportation.

H2 View understands key partners in the consortium are expected to be announced during the second and third quarters of this year (2022). Klean hopes the partnerships will provide a foundation to play a major role in supplying and distributing green hydrogen to dispensing stations along the west coast of the US and Canada.

Klean plans to create integrated solutions to support the development of a low-carbon, circular economy, using hydrogen as a fuel within the company’s waste management supply chain.

The company says it is actively sourcing new locations to add to its pipeline of hydrogen projects, with sites along the I-5 corridor in the Pacific Northwest of particular interest.

“Klean along with its partners has several sites that could be used to distribute green hydrogen to industrial and compact hydrogen fuel cell vehicles,” said Marc Schwarzlose, Director of Project Development at Klean Industries.

Schwarzlose added, “We wish to make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a practical and convenient option for daily logistics operations and local transportation, and to support the development of a low-carbon transportation sector.”

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