Rubicon to help Japanese conglomerate expand circular economy

After working at the municipal level, Rubicon has struck a deal to help Odakyu support the circular economy in Japan.

“We are thrilled to be transitioning into a long-term product partnership with Odakyu,” Rubicon CEO and Founder Nate Morris says. “We believe the Japanese market offers high growth potential to Rubicon and our mission to end waste, and this partnership is proof of the value of Rubicon’s suite of technology solutions both in the United States and around the world.”

Operating in Japan since 1948, Odakyu is committed to working collaboratively with Japanese municipalities and industry leaders to identify and solve the local and global challenges of waste. For the past three years, Rubicon’s suite of technology solutions has been helping local communities in Japan improve operational efficiency and reduce waste incineration while creating shared value. This new long-term, nationwide agreement will enable Odakyu to deploy Rubicon’s technology to promote sustainable waste solutions across Japan. In its current form, the partnership is primarily focused on helping city governments implement environmental and circular economic practices.

“After a very successful pilot of Rubicon’s technology suite in Japan, we are extremely excited to expand and extend our agreement with Odakyu,” said Rubicon Chief Operating Officer and Head of Global Expansion at Rubicon Renaud de Viel Castel says. “As the Japanese waste and recycling industry redoubles its commitment to sustainable practices, we are proud to support those efforts and look forward to a long and productive working relationship with our partners in Japan.”

Waste is a global challenge and a global opportunity. Rubicon partners with businesses and governments around the world to advance its mission through zero-waste, landfill diversion and smart city solutions. The company’s various cloud-based offerings help waste collection companies digitize their operations while equipping municipalities and businesses of all sizes to adopt a fully digital model to expand their recycling management capabilities.

“We have been working with Rubicon for several years to demonstrate the suitability of their technology for the Japanese market,” Odakyu Project Technical Director Yohei Matsuda says. “As a result, we have found not only that their technology suits the Japanese market very well, but it has exceeded our expectations, solving problems in the collection and transportation field and contributing to a circular economy on a global scale. There are high expectations from the Japanese market, and Odakyu hopes to build a sustainable society through our partnership with Rubicon and its ever-evolving technology.”

Rubicon Technologies LLC, a digital marketplace for waste and recycling and a provider of innovative software-based solutions for businesses and governments worldwide, has announced that its targeted pilot partnership with Odakyu Electric Railway Co. Ltd., a transportation, retail and real estate company in Japan, has transitioned into a long-term, nationwide technology licensing agreement focused on supporting the Japanese waste and recycling industry as it moves toward a more integrated circular economy.

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