Klean Industries - European Supply Chain Excellence Award

Klean Industries is pleased to announce the nomination of Klean Industries for the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. Klean was nominated specifically for the “Environmental Improvement Award”. The Industry Sector Awards recognise excellence in organisation and management of a complete supply chain. Entries are scored on the five core disciplines of: supply chain strategy; processing systems architecture; supply chain organisation; performance management; and collaboration.

Aerospace, Defence, Industrial and Automotive
Manufacturers of aircraft, defence equipment and heavy engineering projects, such as electric generating plant, automotive, gas equipment. 

Consumer & Retail
This category has been created by merging Fashion, Apparel & Luxury Goods and Grocery & General Retail together.

Hi Tech, Communications & Electronics
Telecoms and manufacturers of electronics goods, such as mobile telephones, computers, televisions, and hi-tech equipment.

Pharmaceuticals, Health and Personal Care
Manufacturers and suppliers of medicines, both prescription and over the counter. Health supplements and related products, personal care products such as toiletries and beauty brands. 

Public Sector, Services & Utilities
Government bodies and departments, civil service, city councils, service companies, health authorities and hospitals, charities, railway companies, maintenance companies, utilities such as the water, electricity and gas companies.

Special Category Awards
The Special Category Awards differ from the Industry Sector Awards in that they recognise excellence in the implementation of a specific project.

Customer Service & Support
Projects that can demonstrate an improvement in customer service /support through more effective management of the supply chain. 

Environmental Improvement
Projects that reduce carbon footprints or use resources more efficiently. 

Logistics & Fulfilment
Projects that improve the efficiency or reduce the costs of a specific logistics operation or contribute to an overall improvement to supply chain performance. 

Sourcing & Procurement
Projects to improve the performance of the procurement function through innovation and/or more effective management of the process. 

IT Innovation
IT focused projects that demonstrate how the organisation is driving change by the adoption of new, innovative supply chain practice.

Supply Chain Innovation & Improvement
Projects that demonstrate how the organisation is driving change by the adoption of new, innovative supply chain practice.


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