4th Industrial Revolution - A DApp Built to Deliver the Highest Possible Returns Both Environmentally & Financially

The KleanLoop is a blockchain-based solution will be a transparent and secure marketplace that enables instant peer to peer economic solutions for a wide variety of waste and energy problems. The KleanLoop once released will be a network ecosystem of agents that participate in the creation, transporting, recycling, repurposing, conversion, and reuse of waste. Klean’s EPR (Environmental Producer Responsibility) + DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) technology will provide security, functionality, and efficiency.
Klean is leveraging its wealth of industry data and experience we see a massive opportunity in implementing cutting edge and proven technological applications that complement our established business model. We will utilize existing components of Artificial Intelligence like facial recognition, machine learning, and neural networks and modify it for the recycling industry. These technologies will analyze massive volumes of key industry data sets, provide market insights, and strengthen the functionality of the DApp. 
The mobile DApp interface will be powered by Klean’s propriety Artificial Intelligence and will enable all users of the platform to gain access, participate and monetize in the tokenized waste economy with KleanCoin, our utility token. This waste exchange platform will allow consumers, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and governments to achieve a rapid shift towards a trusted sustainable world economy.

Distributed ledger technology and digital tokens are rewiring global commerce. Klean Industries is leading this technological development reshaping the waste and recycling industry and foster new business development.

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