Palestinian entrepreneur launched tire recycling project in Gaza Strip

In Gaza, where the Israeli blockade has created significant challenges, a 27-year-old Palestinian named Madian Helles has initiated a car tire recycling project to address environmental concerns. In Gaza, the disposal of car tires is problematic due to their slow decomposition and the absence of recycling initiatives. Inspired to find a solution to these environmental issues, Helles launched his project.

The tire recycling process involves several stages. Helles collects used tires using mobile carts and uses a machine he assembled to cut, slice, chop, grind, and sort the tires to remove impurities, threads, and fibers. The sorted materials are then packaged for use in sports and agriculture. While his current project focuses on a specific aspect of tire recycling, Helles plans to expand it to encompass all damaged car tires, contributing positively to society by safely disposing of them and reducing emissions from tire burning.

Helles completed his college studies in environmental geology and water resources, a field with limited job opportunities. This motivated him to pursue this tire recycling project related to his degree.

Helles’ tire recycling project has two main objectives: addressing environmental damage by disposing of damaged tires and fostering entrepreneurship in the recycling sector

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