Orion showcases circular carbon black made from ELT at NPE

Global specialty chemicals company Orion Engineered Carbons released three new circular grade carbon blacks that showcase its achievements in sustainability – one for high jetness and two for tinting applications. Orion also recently launched PRINTEX® kappa 50 conductive carbon black.

“As a market leader, we continually drive innovations in carbon black, demonstrate our commitment to the coatings industry, and deliver added value to our customers,” said Carlos Hernandez, Marketing Manager, of Coatings & Printing Systems for the Americas at Orion. 

“Following our sustainability strategy, we help our customers participate in the circular economy through our bio-based and circular carbon black grades.” 

First Circular Carbon Blacks 

Designed for high-jetness applications, Orion’s first circular gas black for coatings systems, XPB 10045, is based on pyrolysis oil to support the transition to a circular economy.  Broadly compatible with all suitable coatings systems, it helps formulators create more sustainable coatings with comparable application properties to regular specialty carbon blacks.

For tinting applications, Orion’s first circular furnace blacks, XPB 10042 powder, and XPB 10049 powder are also based on pyrolysis oil and offer the same advantages as the high-jetness black. Application properties meet the same high requirements of currently used specialty carbon blacks.

Launching a New Grade 

Introduced in 2013 and previously designated XPB 545, PRINTEX kappa 50 meets or exceeds performance requirements for conductivity, dispersibility, and cleanliness at lower concentrations than conventional conductive carbon blacks. It achieves the percolation threshold with low carbon black loading and good coloristic properties. 

To learn more about Orion’s sustainability performance and initiatives, visit Orion Engineered Carbons – Sustainability – Sustainability Roadmap (orioncarbons.com).

Orion has showcased its circular carbon black made from End-of-Life Tires (ELT) at the NPE event. This innovative solution is a significant step towards a more sustainable future in the polymer industry.

Benefits of Circular Carbon Black

The circular carbon black made from ELT offers several benefits, including:

  • Reduced waste: By utilizing ELT, Orion minimizes the amount of waste generated by the tire industry.
  • Lower carbon footprint: The production process of circular carbon black has a lower carbon footprint than traditional methods.
  • Sustainable materials: Using ELT as a raw material promotes a circular economy and reduces the demand for virgin materials.

Orion’s Commitment to Sustainability

Orion is a leading innovator in delivering sustainable solutions that meet customers’ needs. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to develop circular solutions like the circular carbon black made from ELT.

To learn more about technologies used to make high-quality recovered carbon blacks, please visit the Klean Project Section » GO.

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