120+ years of legalized, US-government-led pharmaceutical fraud.

Since December 2023, I’ve researched and written a series of reports1 tracking the development of federal Congressional laws and federal agency non-regulations that have non-regulated the licensing and manufacture of biological products and vaccines from 1944 to the present.

The series so far focuses on the period since 1972, when the fake biological product regulation program was fake-transferred from NIH to FDA.

The record of laws passed by Congress, signed by US Presidents, implemented through the US Code of Federal Regulations, with rule changes published in the Federal Register, and upheld by federal and state courts, confirm that biological product and vaccine licensing, cGMP-compliance monitoring and related programs allegedly operated by the US Food and Drug Administration have been nothing more than pretextual, deceptive acts carried out to elicit and maintain broad public compliance with vaccination programs, because vaccines are actually intentionally harmful biological weapons developed, manufactured, promoted and distributed jointly by the federal Public Health Service and pharmaceutical companies, and vaccinators don’t want targets to know it.

Public Health Service (Wikipedia), “one of the United States eight uniformed services:

Nine of the twelve operating agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are designated as part of the Public Health Service [including]

  • National Institutes of Health [NIH];

  • Food and Drug Administration [FDA];

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC];

  • Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA];

  • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry…  

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ]; and

  • Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response [ASPR]

The people who develop, manufacture, promote, distribute and use these weapons to intentionally hurt and kill people don’t want the targets to understand what’s been done to us, our parents and grandparents, our children and our grandchildren, because people who understand biological product and vaccine non-regulation become people who stop believing false vaccine histories, stop trusting vaccine promoters, and stop taking vaccines.

Elements of the program include the reclassification of the US military’s Chemical and Biological Warfare program, since 1969, as public health emergency and pandemic preparedness and response programs, emergency use authorization medical countermeasures programs, “select agents and toxins” programs, and biodefense programs, jointly operated by the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services/Public Health Service and Department of Homeland Security and coordinated through the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE), Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and related federal interagency committees.

Vaccination programs are not conducted to promote public health or welfare, strengthen human immune systems, or to protect people from communicable diseases.

Vaccination programs are conducted to cause population-wide harms, damage human immune systems and induce chronic disease and premature death.

I’ve been working with a Bailiwick reader — Lydia Hazel — for several months to get a better understanding of the pre-1972 history of biological product and vaccine non-regulation.

Hazel has been compiling the statutory, regulatory, institutional and budget history from the 1798 establishment of the Marine Hospital Service (precursor to the Public Health Service) through the 1902 Biologics Control Act and 1944 Public Health Service Act, to the 1972 alleged transfer and delegation of alleged biological product regulation authorities from Public Health Service, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW, now HHS), National Institute of Health-Division of Biologics Standards, to the Food and Drug Administration-Bureau of Biologics.

This week I’ve been working on Hazel’s latest draft of the timeline.

As anticipated, she’s found the same patterns of concealed non-regulation and similar key words in the 1798-1972 period, as compared to the non-regulation patterns and key words found in the 1972 to 2024 regulatory history.

The most important finding, in my view, is the use of grandfathering in the biological product licensing context; I think that will be the main point of the final report when we finish it.

The meat of the report — the statute, regulation and court case timeline — will try to lay out the “how.” 

As in:

How (legal mechanics) Congress, presidents, federal agencies and courts between 1900 and 1972, and from 1972-2024, set up and simultaneously hid/hide from public view, the legal conditions so that no biological product rules, procedures or tests governing product identity, safety and efficacy have ever existed or were ever applied…

Because each new apparent product review or rule-making event has referred to alleged prior product assessments, standards and rules that had never existed or been applied, as the basis for extending existing licenses (pretending that such rules had existed and had been applied), and/or has referred to future assessments and reviews that the vaccinators claimed would occur, and future standards and rules they claimed would be drafted and applied, which never materialize into adopted or enforced identification and assessment procedures, standards, rules or tests.

For 120 years.

The wall-to-wall statutory, regulatory, prosecutorial and judicial, legalized pharmaceutical fraud that facilitates the ongoing use of unregulated Covid and forthcoming “bird flu” and other new vaccines since 2020 (which are equally corrupt for EUA and BLA products) is simply an extension of the wall-to-wall legalized pharmaceutical fraud that has facilitated the use of every preceding, non-regulated, fake-licensed, old vaccine since 1902.

Prior to Covid, the perps may have had some close calls in terms of possible public exposure of federally-directed pharmaceutical fraud.

One close call was the 1955 mass polio vaccination of children and expectant mothers, and resulting injuries and deaths attributed to the vaccines.

Evidence and analysis connecting injury and death with vaccination was quickly suppressed by Public Health Service authorities and academic and industrial co-conspirators.

In 1972, vaccinators were faced simultaneously with mainstream media reports about ineffective influenza vaccines, and the opening of the signing period for the UN Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction.

In 1972, to make the legalized federal pharmaceutical regulation fraud harder to see — so as to continue the American worldwide deployment of biological weapons promoted as vaccines — then-Assistant HEW Secretary for Health and Scientific Affairs Merlin K. DuVal, under the direction of Elliot Richardson (then-Secretary of then-Health, Education and Welfare Department, whose career highlights also included Undersecretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General and Secretary of Commerce) “concurrently re-delegated” the non-regulation of biological products from the NIH Division of Biologics Standards to the FDA Bureau of Biologics.

Then FDA-Commissioner Charles Edward and then-NIH Director Robert Q. Marston signed and published a memorandum of understanding, and FDA and NIH officials announced a set of biological product advisory panel reviews, plus a forthcoming set of “standards” that would accept, as evidence of product identity, safety and efficacy, “alternatives” to controlled studies.

The work of the advisory panels was tightly controlled to preordain outcomes that would not interfere with continued manufacturing, distribution and use of vaccine-weapons, including strict limits on who had standing to present data and data analysis.

In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to provide full indemnification for manufacturers of by-then routine childhood vaccines, and the non-crime, legalized pharmaceutical fraud enterprise rolled on from there into the deregulation programs of the 1990s; into the post-9/11 homeland security and bioterrorism preparedness policies and programs; into Covid.

There are still no established, enforced standards for biological product or vaccine identity, safety or efficacy, and there never will be, because biological products are inherently unstable, heterogeneous and toxic.

The systematic worldwide mass poisoning non-crime crime of vaccination rests on the federal legalization of pharmaceutical regulation fraud, and public lack of knowledge about it.

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