Swiss Tyre Recycling Solutions and Polish Contec share a common vision on circularity

Sharing the same vision of implementing circularity within the rubber and tire manufacturing industry, Tyre Recycling Solutions (TRS) announced a partnership with Contec, promoting their products and technologies as well as joint research and development activities.

Poland-based manufacturer Contec provides circular rubber and plastic solutions that deliver low-carbon-footprint products by recovering the Carbon Black, oil, and steel from waste tires. Contec enables partners to decarbonise their supply chains and contribute to a sustainable future, where rubber recycled waste can be used as a feedstock instead of fossil fuels.

Tyre Recycling Solutions builds global solutions for the collection, processing and recycling of end-of-life tires through the development and implementation of innovative technologies and business processes. TRS’s technology toolbox utilizes a unique water-jet milling process which can produce high-performance powder for use as raw materials in a variety of industrial rubber products and high value applications and compounds. TRS derives its revenues from equipment sales, licenses, sale of high-performance rubber powder under its globally trademarked brand name TyreXolTM as well as the sale of TPE-TyreXol compounds, made of (recycled) thermoplastic elastomers.


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