SDTC to call for clean technology solutions

Ottawa, Canada (GLOBE-Net) - On August 23, 2006, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) will be requesting applications for its next funding round, seeking technologies that provide clean water and soil solutions.

The SDTC is an arm’s length, not-for-profit corporation that works with private, financial, academic and public sectors and with the Government of Canada to build a sustainable development technology infrastructure in Canada.

SDTC is actively seeking applications for technologies that provide clean water and clean soil solutions and continuing to look for technology solutions related to clean air and climate change.

In addition to soil and water, SDTC’s report — Renewable Electricity Generation ‘SD Business Case’TM identifies investment priority areas in biofuels, wind, solar power and stationary fuel cells. The report is available for download here.

While all applications receive due consideration of greater interest are those that integrate benefits across a number of focus areas. This initial application submission - Statements of Interest - is designed to provide SDTC with a sense of the proposed technologies for preliminary screening.

The closing date to submit a funding application is October 11, 2006.

These applications are subject to a competitive process evaluated by SDTC and a panel of independent experts to ensure adherence to selection criteria that include capabilities in technology, marketing and business (partnerships and funding). The selected applicants will be invited to submit a detailed, full proposal at a later date for consideration toward funding.

For information about the funding process, click here.

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