Ontario Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act Passes

Ontario’s leadership in water protection
is creating clean water jobs and strengthening local

Toronto, November 24, 2010
- The Ontario Legislature passed the Water Opportunities and Water
Conservation Act yesterday. The act builds on Ontario’s expertise
in water protection services and technology – making the province
the leading clean water jurisdiction in North America.-

The new act sets the framework to:

  • Make Ontario a North American leader in developing water
    technologies and services and making our expertise available to the
    world through the creation of the Water Technology Acceleration
    Project (TAP) – a technology hub bringing together industry,
    academics and government to develop the sector and promote it

  • Encourage Ontarians to use water more efficiently by creating
    and implementing innovative approaches to protect our most valuable
    resource so our children and grandchildren will continue to have
    access to clean drinking water for generations

  • Strengthen sustainable municipal water planning by helping them
    identify and plan for long term infrastructure needs.

The act will help municipalities improve the efficiency of
municipal infrastructure and services by:

  • Identifying innovative, cost effective solutions to solve water

  • Optimizing systems and improving water conservation

  • Identifying opportunities to demonstrate and implement new and
    emerging Ontario water technologies, services and practices.

The act will also help Ontarians do their part to reduce the amount
of water they use through enabling measures such as:

  • Bringing in water efficiency standards for consumer

  • Setting water use goals

  • Requiring standardized information about water use on water

In addition to the act, the government intends to:

  • Work with partners to pilot new technologies, services and
    practices; and to help develop and sell new technologies and
    services for water conservation and treatment, at home and around
    the world.

  • Educate the public on wise water use.

  • Train the next generation of water professionals.

The development of new water technologies is part of the Open
Ontario Plan to build on Ontario’s expertise in clean water
technology and make the province a world leader in water innovation
to help address global water challenges.

The Ontario Water Conservation Alliance, a diverse coalition of
industry, labour, environmental organizations and municipalities,
welcomed the new water legislation, noting that innovative water
conservation technologies and practices will position Ontario to
take advantage of the $500 billion global
market for solutions to the world’s water challenges, building on
the existing 20,000 jobs in its current water sector.

“Passing this legislation is an exciting step in
Ontario’s commitment to becoming a global leader in clean water.
Building on our history of developing industry changing innovations
and introducing stronger conservation practices will benefit all
Ontarians through economic growth and job creation while giving us
the tools to significantly reduce our overall water
footprint.” David Henderson, Managing Director, XPV Capital

Key Facts

Ontario companies are currently
employing 22,000 people in good, high-paying jobs selling water
technology around the world.

Ontario firms are recognized
leaders in ultraviolet disinfection, compact sewage treatment,
water information and systems software, and plant design and

The water technology sector is
valued at more than $400 billion worldwide, doubling every five to
six years.

Half of Ontarians consider fresh
water to be Canada’s most important natural resource.

On average, Ontarians use 260
litres of water per day - twice as much as countries like Germany
and the UK.


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Technology Acceleration Project (PDF)

Source: news.ontario.ca

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