Improving manufacturing energy efficiency

Washington, USA (GLOBE-Net) – A new report from The Alliance to Save Energy provides a resource for improving overall energy efficiency and controlling energy use in manufacturing facilities.

The report, World-Class Energy Assessments, was developed in cooperation with 80 industrial energy experts and users, and offers “world-class strategies for conducting effective energy assessments within manufacturing facilities.”

According to the report, one large manufacturing facility consumes as much natural gas in one year as 20,000 households. Unfortunately, the report says, facilities typically implement only 30 to 40 percent of energy saving measures available to them.

To address the issue, the Alliance brought together energy assessment practitioners, industrial managers, and other technical experts in three round table discussions to identify barriers to industry implementation of energy-efficient equipment and practices.

The report summarizes recommendations for industrial energy assessments, addressing stages before, after and during energy audits.

Among the report’s conclusions are that education is the key to implementing energy efficiency, and that energy assessments should develop into a relationship between the assessor and the client facility to build for future advancements.

Awareness of energy saving incentives and price changes can also be a key to understanding payback periods and promoting effective investments, the report says, noting that “evidence of savings success will sustain support for future energy projects.”

The report, which will be of interest to facility managers, corporate executives and energy consultants, is available by clicking here.

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