If your not concerned about global warming you should be!

California, USA (StopGlobalWarming.org) - If you are concerned about global warming and want to help solve it, I would like to personally invite you to see the new Paramount Classics movie – “An Inconvenient Truth” – now playing at a theater near you.

The film lays out the latest, up-to-date, most compelling facts about this unprecedented climate crisis in a foreceful presentation. It is filled with startling images and dramatic pictures showing clearly what is happening to our Earth and why global warming is now being called a “Planetary Emergency.”

I have tried to tell this story for 30 years. I’m sending you this email now because I feel so passionately that we simply do not have any more time to waste. This crisis is unlike anything we have ever faced. The debate among scientists is over!

According to the experts, the climate crisis could – if unchecked – literally destroy the habitability of the Earth and bring civilization to a halt.

This really is not a political issue. It is a moral issue! Here’s what the Fox News reviewer wrote about the movie: “Not to be missed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative….your mind will be changed in a nanosecond.”

Learning about this crisis is the first step toward solving it. Then, we all have to turn knowledge into action and concern into commitment.

My wife Tipper and I feel so strongly about the need for action, we are giving 100% of whatever profits we receive from the movie and the accompanying book by the same name, to a bipartisan educational effort.

Last weekend, the movie broke the all-time per screen record for any documentary movie in history – and, incredibly, according to Variety, broke the all-time per-screen record for any movie opening on Memorial Day weekend. (Incidentally, that record was set by The Shining, back in 1980.)

To learn more, find showtimes at theaters near you and buy tickets to the movie online, please Click Here.

I sincerely hope you will take the time to see this movie. Thank you.

Al Gore
Virtual Marcher

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