Giant U.K. Companies Want Supply Chain Emissions Data

London, UK – Several giant global companies are calling on their supply chain partners to measure and manage carbon emissions.

Companies such as Tesco, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestle and Cadbury Schweppes and Imperial Tobacco Group formed the Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, which will work with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to create a standardized mechanism of measuring their footprint throughout their supply chain.

“By engaging their supply chains in the CDP process, companies will encourage suppliers to measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions, and ultimately reduce the total carbon footprint of their indirect emissions,” said CDP Chief Executive Paul Dickinson in a statement.

“For many companies it is the supply chain that makes up the vast majority of their emissions, so this initiative is vital in helping them reduce their total carbon footprint. We look forward to other corporations following and collaborating with CDP.”

The Collaboration announcement coincides with the release of a report that tracked how businesses on the Financial Times list of 350 largest U.K. companies manage and CDP report climate change related risks.

The report found that 87 percent of companies that responded viewed climate change as a commercial risk while 80 percent considered it a commercial opportunity. Nearly 40 percent of respondents have implemented emissions reduction programs

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