German Smart Grid Leads the Way in Conservation

There is an obvious push on not only using less energy, but in finding other forms of energy that will allow the world to recover from the years of literally pillaging its natural resources. Germany has been using some pretty innovative techniques to lead the way and their designers are coming up with more energy efficient homes all the time. However, with the promotion of using a smart grid Germany hopes to make people even more aware of the energy that they are using and more importantly, wasting.

One of the problems with the general public using too much electricity is that at any given time, you have no idea how much you are actually using. If people could actually see what their power usage was at a specific time, it may have a big enough effect on them to get them to cut back. Seeing the energy pile up as you are using it would be a definite wakeup call for a lot of people. This is the whole purpose of the smart grid Germany is developing. This information will be readily available and will hopefully result in lower usages and smaller bills for the consumer.

Current grid technology does not allow for this, but with the smart grid in Germany is looking to change all of that. This smart grid technology is very important because if renewable energy as a legitimate power source is going to be a viable option en masse, people are going to have to be aware of what they are using and what is still available to them.

While there are power stations that are solar powered in various areas that are being introduced as alternative energy to get people off of the standard electric grid, many homes are still supplying their own solar power. Supplying power on a grand scale is much more involved and part of the success of the entire project will revolve around users being able to conserve energy so that these renewable energy sources can be successful as they are being introduced to communities.

Currently, the only way for solar power to be stored is through batteries. In addition to innovations like the smart grid in Germany is developing, everyone is looking for ways to store solar power that will be more efficient. Currently, once the battery runs down, it has to recharge. To make the most of this energy source, something more reliable will eventually have to be introduced. The smart grid Germany is working on is one step, but there is plenty of room for further improvement.

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