Drew Sheneman: Climate change is undeniable

My favorite bad faith climate denial argument is when skeptics sight the current weather conditions to disprove the existence of long-term global climate change. How can there be global warming if it’s cold out? How can there be climate change if it snows so much? My favorite example of this phenomenon was when a U.S. Senator from the great state of Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe, brought a freshly packed snowball to the senate chamber as proof that the polar bears were gonna be just fine. Willful ignorance to own the libs.

Simply put, the weather is the short-term conditions of the atmosphere and climate is the average of the weather over the long term. Climate is your personality, weather is your mood. Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean the ice caps aren’t melting, in fact, it’s proof of it.

Warming temperatures at the poles mean more water evaporates into the atmosphere, more water in the atmosphere means more precipitation. What goes up must come down. The polar ice is melting and you’re killing your back shoveling it off your driveway. Scientists made a mistake early on by branding climate change as Global Warming. The label of global warming allows any smooth-brained oil exec. to claim everything’s kosher whenever the mercury dips below 40 degrees. Warming leads to climate change and in practice climate change means more snow, more rain, more flooding, more drought, more wildfires and more unpredictable weather. Stop pretending like it’s hard to understand.

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