Developing a Sustainability Strategy

Companies of all sizes are feeling increased pressure from
employees, customers, and the market to develop an effective
corporate sustainability strategy and act in an environmentally
responsible manner. 

However, a company looking to implement a sustainability program
for the first time faces a number of challenges:  determining
priorities, setting goals, and measuring results, just to name a

According to a white paper from href=”” target=”_blank”>Pike
Research, successful sustainability initiatives are supported
by three key pillars:  executive buy-in from the start,
creation of an effective sustainability committee, and the
establishment of clear and measurable sustainability

The paper, which includes an analysis of best practices for
launching a corporate sustainability program, is available for free
download on Pike Research’s href=””

“The simple truth is that very few companies have truly
effective sustainability programs, even those who have published
impressive-looking corporate sustainability reports,” says managing
director Clint Wheelock.  “Our research indicates that the
most successful programs are formed from the inside out,
encompassing product design and production, company operations, and
sales and marketing.”   

Pike Research’s paper, href=””
target=”_blank”>”Developing a Sustainability Strategy”,
examines best practices for planning and implementing a corporate
sustainability program. 

It explores company motivations for establishing sustainability
initiative, outlines steps for getting the program off the ground,
describes key sustainability areas to consider, and profiles three
companies - Research In Motion, Shaw Industries Group, and CA - who
have successfully launched corporate sustainability

The report forms part of Pike Research’s href=””
target=”_blank”>Corporate Sustainability Advisory Service, and
a full copy of the white paper is available for free download on
the firm’s href=””>

What Does This Report Answer?

  • Why should companies address corporate sustainability and adopt
    environmentally responsible practices?

  • What are the first steps a company must take in order to
    develop a corporate sustainability plan?

  • How does a firm decide upon short-term, mid-term and long-term

  • How do companies get buy-in for sustainability efforts from

  • What is the best way to communicate sustainability efforts to
    employees, customers and other stakeholders?

  • How does a company keep the momentum behind its sustainability

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