China's Green-Tech Market: $1 Trillion By 2013

A new report says China’s green-tech market could reach $1 trillion by 2013.

China Greentech Initiative: “China’s market requirements for greentech solutions are tremendous. Chinese government policies are positive drivers for greentech market development and a wide range of businesses are beginning to deploy greentech solutions to address a broad spectrum of environmental issues. While significant challenges remain, stakeholders have clear opportunities to accelerate market development and create a more environmentally sustainable China”

The risks are high. At current growth rates, China’s CO2 emissions could represent nearly 30% of the world’s total by 2030, with coal currently expected to continue to account for the majority of China’s energy supply for decades to come, according to the report.

The China Greentech Initiative launched its first analysis on the green technology market in China, The China Greentech Report 2009, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2009 in Dalian, China.

Tremendous isn’t an exageration. The “total, addressable market size” for green technology is between $500 billion and $1 trillion and includes cleaner conventional energy, renewable energy, electric power infrastructure, green building, cleaner transportation, cleaner industry and clean water, as Environmental Finance notes. That could mean the market would account for 15% of Chinese GDP by 2013.

The Report is the first deliverable from the China Greentech Initiative, an open source commercial collaboration of over 80 of the world’s leading technology companies, services firms, entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs and policy advisors, united to contribute to a sustainable China and world.

Narrowing down from several hundred, the Report examines 125 greentech solutions, both existing and emerging, across seven sectors to provide a view of each solution’s potential environmental impact as well as commercialization opportunity. The Report is the culmination of a research process led by a 30-person team that inspired significant contributions from hundreds of industry experts.

The China Greentech Report 2009 is available for download in PDF format at no cost to registered users of this website. The Report is published in multiple editions in order for readers to access and use the findings easily.

For More Information: China Greentech Initiative

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