Case Studies in Sustainable Grocery Supply Chains

Concerns about sustainability are permeating the entire business world as consumers begin to seek out environmentally friendly products and urge companies to do more to lessen their impact on the planet.

This study from the Grocery Trade Association takes an in-depth look at sustainable supply chain practices, and how they can benefit the bottom line of companies whose trading partners are requiring a level of sustainability in their purchases. The report uses Heineken, CHEP and Monsanto as case studies across a range of industries.

The timing is right to incorporate best practices in supply chain management, the GMA/FPA argues, because not only do many of these practices increase profitability of companies, they also help the industry work with government agencies to shape regulations and build brand loyalty among consumers.

The report looks at Heineken’s guidelines for sourcing raw materials and reducing energy use in its production process, shipping company CHEP’s program to pool shipping pallents among companies as a way to reduce waste in transportation, as well as how Monsanto encourages farmers to adopt conservation tillage methods that conserve topsoil and improve water quality.

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