Carbon Market North America

To help you keep up with the increasing pace of carbon market developments in the United States and Canada, Point Carbon is pleased to provide you with the latest issue of our FREE publication, Carbon Market North America. This biweekly newsletter covers the major developments related to the carbon markets in North America, as well as guest commentaries by analysts and market participants.

In this issue of Carbon Market North America:

  • Bipartisan climate proposal gains industry support, but safety valve draws ire
  • Florida governor orders greenhouse gas emission cuts
  • North American climate registry gains momentum
  • Negotiators tell US Congress to move past Kyoto
  • US representative pitches provocative CO2 tax
  • Proposed US energy legislation could reduce CO2 emissions by 18%: report
  • More US cities sign up to Kyoto targets
  • Toronto adopts climate plan
  • Recent global carbon politics and markets
  • Guest commentary by Reiner Musier and John Melby, APX Inc.
To download the new 18 July issue, go to: Click Here.

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