Canada's Future Prosperity

Victoria, B.C. - The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canada’s largest business association, in a report released today, is inviting energy-industry leaders, energy users and governments of all orders to come together to develop a Canadian Sustainable Energy Strategy, one that will ensure Canada has access to a stable, secure and flexible supply of affordable energy now and in the future.

The report, entitled: Powering Up Canadian Prosperity looks at the fundamental principles the Canadian Chamber believes must guide a Canadian Sustainable Energy Strategy to enable our prosperity while protecting our environment:

  • Energy policies must recognize that energy is fundamental to the entire Canadian economy.
  • Canada must maintain a market-based approach to energy.
  • Canadians must continue to have access to a stable, secure, sustainable and flexible supply of affordable energy.
  • Environmental regulations should ensure a level playing field for all energy sources with regulatory approvals being done in a timely and predictable manner.
  • Development of new and conventional sources of energy must balance the energy needs of Canadians and the need to protect our environment.
  • Canadian prosperity depends on maintaining our energy trade with the United States and on developing new international markets.

“Canada has been blessed with an abundance of energy. For decades, we’ve had more than enough to satisfy our own needs and we’ve done well exporting the excess. But the world around us is changing,” says Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber. “If we want to maintain Canada’s prosperity, doing what we have been done in the past is just not good enough.”

The report was released at the Canadian Chamber’s Annual General Meeting in Victoria, B.C. by Chair Roger Thomas. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting brings together over 300 delegates from local, provincial and territorial chambers and boards of trade to set the Canadian Chamber network’s advocacy priorities on national and international issues for the year ahead.

The report can be viewed here:

For More Information: Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention

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