$2M to for Western environmental technologies

Calgary, Canada (GLOBE-Net) - Western Canada’s environmental technologies sector got a recent boost with a federal investment in C3 EnviroTech Solutions - an organization that will help commercialize and market new environmental technologies. The federal government, through the department of Western Economic Diversification Canada, is investing $2 million into C3 EnviroTech Solutions to create the Technology Solutions Hub. The new Hub will help small and medium-sized enterprises take their technologies out of the lab and into local, national and international markets.

“We’re looking forward to working with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them grow and export western Canadian environmental solutions,” said Simon Knight, Chief Executive Officer of C3 EnviroTech Solutions. “The goal is to diversify our economy, improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

C3 EnviroTech Solutions is a direct outcome of the 2003 Environmental Technology Forum hosted by Western Economic Diversification Canada in Vancouver.

The Forum brought 120 western Canadian business leaders together to discuss issues surrounding the development and commercialization of western Canadian environmental technologies, as identified in a report prepared by the GLOBE Foundation of Canada.

C3 EnviroTech Solutions will increase overall industry capacity to implement demonstration projects in the pre-commercialization stage of product development.

C3 EnviroTech Solutions is a newly established not-for-profit corporation that was formed for the purpose of developing and implementing the Technology Solutions Hub.

For More Information: Western Economic Diversification Canada

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