It's A Plastic World | A Film About Problems Associated with Plastic

It’s everywhere. We need and want it. We find it in places where we wouldn’t expect it. A world without plastic is inconceivable. But do we know the consequences of our self-indulgent plastic consumption? This film shows various problems associated with plastic and looks at possible solutions.

In my holidays I saw a secluded beach that was littered with plastic waste. I asked myself how this could be possible. Back home, I began to fathom the causes of this. The problem is that the ocean is completely polluted with plastic. A lot of plastic is washed up on beaches worldwide. This and many other bad facts led me to make my degree movie about the material plastic and its follow far-reaching.

It took weeks collecting facts, writing a story and draw a storyboard. After four months production time the movie is finished. With two excellent speakers and a nice music, I’m happy to present you “It’s a plastic world”. Many NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF or PlasticOceans endorsed the movie und spread it too. I’m very glad for everyone who will spread the movie.
Andreas Tanner, Student, July 2014.

It’s a plastic world - English from It’s a plastic world on Vimeo.

The making of:
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Production: Andreas Tanner (
Music and Sound Design: Alexander Rösch (
English Voice: Thomas Lüthi
Webdesign: Malte Vollmerhausen

Subtitle translation:

French: Corinne Roy
Croatian: Marko Skenderović
Italian: Focus Magazine Italy
Spanish: Sarah Edelman
Portugese: Felipe F. Schnack
Hungarian: Adam Paloczi
Ukainian: Denis Seleznyov, Julia Kolesnik, Oleksandr Korzh 
Chinese: Wan-Jou (Joyce) Lin

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