Recovered Carbon Black rCB & Tire Pyrolysis Expert Speaks At ETRA

Vancouver, British Columbia – Klean Industries Inc. (“Klean”) a leading manufacturer of advanced thermal processing technologies that designs and builds plants and equipment that utilize processes known as gasification, pyrolysis and carbonization to thermally convert waste into valuable commodities is pleased to announce that it’s CEO, Mr. Jesse Klinkhamer will be a featured speaker at the European Tyre Recycling Conference (“ETRA”) on March 22nd, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

The world is currently facing significant environmental challenges based on the massive population growth of the 21st century. Energy and commodity (raw materials) costs are rising along with the volume of waste and pollution being produced globally. Solutions to problems related to waste and energy are becoming more pressing for every developed and developing economies around the world.

Managing waste properly is essential for building sustainable and livable cities, but it remains a challenge for many developing countries and cities. Effective waste management is expensive, often comprising 20%–50% of municipal budgets. Operating this essential municipal service requires integrated systems that are efficient, sustainable, and socially supported.

Klean is company that pays special attention to the implementation of resource recovery and recycling solutions which aid in the development and creation of the circular economy we all want and need. The Klean Team have been industry leaders in providing environmentally beneficial solutions to energy and waste-management challenges since the 1960’s and are well positioned to be a major player in this industry for the coming decades. As a result of building a vast number of projects focused on renewable energy, resource recovery and recycling, Klean has accumulated a significant amount of market and project data throughout its global operations that span a multitude of industries and over-lapping supply chains. By leveraging this wealth of industry data, knowledge and expertise Klean Industries believes that the last mile of technology is upon us which will enable a paradigm shift in recycling and resource recovery.

Jesse Klinkhamer, Chief Executive, commented, “The global scrap tire problem, offers a massive opportunity to create a shining example of what a circular economy can look like using a specific and problematic waste stream that is highly abundant and in desperate needs of a more transparent recycling solution. Scrap tires are the perfect poster child, because if scrap tires were being managed properly there would not be billions of them littering our planet annually. The solutions to today’s scrap tire crisis require us to re-think the problems at hand and the solutions available. Critically important are the policy and regulatory drivers that support the infrastructure for waste recycling and material recovery, and here in the European Union these topics could not be more important”.

This year at the annual ETRA Conference Klean will address the problems of transparency and accountability within the tire recycling industry as a whole and will enlighten the participants on the ongoing issues with regulations that are stifling innovation and preventing the growth of new opportunities within the sector. Klean will address the conversation on what’s holding back a truly integrated approach needed to radically change the tire manufacturing and recycling industry and create a tokenized, incentivized, and trusted market place.

About Klean

Klean comprises an international team of award-winning experts with decades of experience in the design, manufacturing and deployment of alternative energy solutions, including clean power production, waste management, recycling, and resource recovery. The company currently boasts an impressive portfolio of clean technologies and patents that have been successfully deployed in hundreds of operating reference facilities. Klean uses proven technologies to rapidly develop projects that produce the highest quality fuels, recovered carbon blacks (“rCB”) and green energy from various kinds of carbon-based wastes. Klean Industries specializes in building projects that use thermal technologies such as gasification, pyrolysis and carbonization which convert scrap tires, waste plastics and municipal solid waste into domestic energy, sustainable green commodities and new cleantech jobs.

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