Klean Offers Pyrolysis & Gasification Technology Consulting Services

Vancouver, Canada – Klean Industries Inc. (“Klean”) is a vertically integrated industrial energy Solutions Company focused on turning waste streams into domestic energy, sustainable green commodities, and new jobs. Klean provides strategic planning and analysis necessary for project developers, investors, and resource owners to identify and evaluate new alternative energy opportunities. 

Klean has extensive experience in the conventional energy and alternative energy markets, specifically in the utilization of waste, e.g., tires, plastics, municipal solid waste, etc., as a primary energy feedstock. This enables Klean to provide a range of consulting services to meet the specific needs of various customers, including the evaluation of various energy projects.

Klean offers consulting services to provide project developers, investors, and resource owners with a better understanding of the unique risks involved in the energy and resource recovery sector. Klean utilizes an extensive team of technical, commercial, and environmental assessment experts spread across a network of countries to provide expertise in pyrolysis and gasification technologies, power engineering, energy system analysis, biomass and biogas fuels, waste policy, and energy sector economics. Klean custom tailors consulting services and product offerings to meet each individual project’s specific needs and desired outcomes. 

Klean’s focus is on renewable energy technologies such as landfill gas and biogas utilization, dedicated combustion of biomass for heat and power, co-combustion of biomass and fossil fuels, anaerobic digestion, conventional waste-to-energy, and advanced thermal processes such as gasification and pyrolysis. 

Global market drivers for sustainable development and renewable energy make pyrolysis and gasification-based waste-to-energy technologies extremely attractive business opportunities due to their exceptionally efficient waste treatment; high-value, commodity-based end products; recovery of non-oxidized metals and cleaner energy; waste volume reduction; and environmentally safe technologies and by-products.

Klean offers business advisory consulting services and investment opportunities using commercially proven pyrolysis and gasification technologies. They possess long-term experience gained from the practical realization of multiple large-scale commercial plants that have been operational for decades. Klean also possesses a broad network of equipment vendors, suppliers, and other subcontractors which enable customers to establish projects anywhere around the globe. The company also has long-term relationships with commodity off-take partners who are the leading Fortune 500 industrials; and connections with EPCM partners who provide industry-leading performance guarantees and service contracts for decades of smooth plant operations. 

Klean’s employees are leading experts in the environmental sector with decades of experience and their work has included site assessments and strategic work for a range of both private and public sector customers. Klean is often engaged to assist customers with environmental due diligence focusing on the regulatory regime, renewable energy support mechanisms, and the underlying structure of national energy markets. The commercial due diligence process may also include a review of fuel supply markets, fuel supply contracts, off-take contracts, and issues related to the power purchase agreements.

Klean Industries delivers “real world” solutions that balance your ecology objectives and your economic requirements. Klean invites potential customers to review their website and to contact the sales team to assist you in developing your alternative energy project.

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About Klean

Klean is an environmentally conscious industrial energy company focused on providing renewable energy, resource recovery, and recycling solutions. Klean is a specialized international company using advanced technologies and know-how that provide environmentally beneficial solutions to energy and waste-management challenges using unique low-carbon footprint technologies and solutions. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and is committed to solving problems large and small in a commercially viable and environmentally responsible manner using proven technologies. Klean’s vertically integrated approach turns a wide variety of waste streams into domestic energy, sustainable green commodities, and new jobs.


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