Klean Industries Sponsors "The Everest Green Summit"

VANCOUVER, CANADA - When a Australian native Blair Falahey (www.blair8000.com) begins a courageous journey to scale Everest (8850m) in March, his team will be equipped with key supplies from Klean Industries (“KI”). KI is ecstatic and pleased support Mr. Blair Falahey in his extremely difficult challenge to summit these Himalayan giants in 2008. “It’s a real privilege to offer support to Team 8000X 08”,” said KI CEO Mr. Klinkhamer. Some of the funding will provide key supplies and survival equipment which will be critical in helping the team make its progress through the snows of the world’s highest mountain. 

KI is looking at the viability and possibility of making equipment available for Blair to take with him that could assist in gathering air quality samples and core snow data samples for further quantification and analysis of high altitude climate change GHG emissions in scientific labs upon Blair’s return. KI has begun the process of establishing contact and has begun to develop an internal program to help fund further research. KI is developing a strong partnership with U.S. Department of Commerce , National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and NOAA Research laboratories

For the past few years Blair has been climbing, traveling and training for several expeditions and has been keeping track of several problematic environmental issues he has encountered along the way. One of the main issues Blair faces during his journey is the acceleration of climate change and its impact on the stability of the terrain. Along the way Blair will keep his eye open for opportunities for projects where environmentally friendly recycling and resource recovery technologies could be employed - one such idea would be to establish a small scale plastic liquefaction system that could dispose of polyolefin plastic waste generated at base camp.

A small system could cleanly convert these plastic into an environmentally friendly synthetic fuel oil which could be used to produce heat, hot water and or energy required to operate emergency equipment and telecommunications. 

Below is an illustration of such a small scale system which cold contribute to solving such a problem. Not only would it solve a waste issue but when the synthetic oil produced via plastic pyrolysis is combusted it produces 60% less emissions than regular diesel fuel and it can be burned directly in any diesel engine or generator with zero modifications. The below system could be containerized and flown in to base camp.

The climbing season on Everest traditionally ends on May 31, as rising temperatures make the snow soft and dangerous for climbers. Over the last 50 years since New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay first reached the top of Mount Everest on May 29 1953, more than 3,000 climbers have scaled the peak and over 200 people have died trying. Blair’s planned route is the southern face of Mount Everest, known locally as Sagarmatha, soars above the clouds at the border of Nepal and Tibet. Due to geological movement of the Indian subcontinent under Tibet, Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on earth at 29,035 feet, grows a little over an inch a year.

The expedition is expected to last about 70 days, from 23rd March 2006 and 31st May 2008. Despite the apparent danger, Blair’s first attempt at climbing an 8000 meter summit was in 2003 at the world’s 6th tallest peak Cho Oyu, Tibet (8,201 meters). This feat was a success and the first step in the direction of his new challenge. Blair began his intensive training & preparation in December 2007 and will continue until he departs on his expedition. He runs 15km 4 times a week, cycles 400-500km a week and climbs several local mountains 3 times a week with a 25kg backpack.

Recent studies around the globe have confirmed the increased concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere and some recent result from atop Mauna Loa in Hawaii clearly indicated a massive increase in these concentrations. In 1993 the CO2 concentrations were 357.04ppm and more recently they have measured in 2005 at 378.98ppm. Carbon dioxide is a key ingredient in GHG’s and is a product released by human activity (including the burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation) which scientists believe is accelerating natural climate change. In recent years, the amount of atmospheric CO2 has increased by an average of 1.5ppm each year, as more greenhouse gases are emitted and more recently these numbers are now exceeding 2 parts per million. These are key things to think about with our ever growing population. KI is pleased to sponsor this expedition as we want to contribute to the possibility of providing our own hard data behind climate change which will show people and our clients the clear facts of what’s changing in our environment. 

Anyone who would like to sponsor the Blair’s adventure you should contact the KI’s head office where Blair can be made available for consultation on sponsorship. For further information please, click here.


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