Klean Industries - Cleantech Award - Scrap Plastic & Tire Pyrolysis Technologies

Vancouver, Canada - Klean Industries is pleased to announce the nomination of Klean Industries for the 2007 Cleantech Awards. Klean is honored by the nomination for - Most Promising Technology.

Since 2003, the Cleantech Group has been recognizing select individuals, companies, and other organizations that have been furthering the cleantech sector.

Before most people had heard of cleantech, we were identifying those who deserved recognition for blazing trails in technology and entrepreneurship.

Innovation. Prescience. Tenaciousness. These are just some of the qualities that we mark and celebrate with these awards.

The most meaningful awards in the sector: The Cleantech Group’s Cleantech Awards have emerged as the longest-running, most prestigious, and coveted honors in cleantech. 

  • Cleantech Leader of the Year: Awarded to organizations or individuals who have contributed credibility, prestige, and resources to the cleantech industry.
  • Cleantech Emerging Enterprise of the Year: Given to companies that have demonstrated rapid growth and/or provided a high realized return to investors by bringing a truly disruptive clean technology or business model to market.
  • Cleantech Corporation of the Year: Awarded to a major enterprise whose actions have significantly advanced the growth of cleantech markets and/or demand-related products and services.
  • Cleantech Pioneer: Given to individuals whose early and continued support and investment in cleantech generated positive returns and provided a roadmap for others in the global creation of the cleantech investment category.
  • Most Promising Technology: As voted by attendees of our Cleantech Forums the most interesting company presented as a potential investment opportunity.

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