Klean's CEO Keynote Speaker | Carbon Black Asia Pacific 2011 Conference

Vancouver, Canada - Klean Industries Inc. (“KI’), is pleased to announce that Jesse Klinkhamer, KI’s CEO, will be a keynote speaker at the Carbon Black Asia Pacific conference on in Singapore from 16th to 18th November 2011. KI is an international cleantech company that is a privately-held corporation with technology development facilities in Asia, financial headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and business development offices around the globe.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to speak at the 2011 Carbon Black Asia Pacific Conference. In addition to our keynote speaker, we will also be available for discussions regarding our technology applications later on in the afternoon. I believe the right people will be there to learn the Klean story”, said Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO. 

Jesse is one of the primary founders of the company and for the last 15 years has held a variety of senior management, executive consulting, sales, and product development roles in the clean technology energy sector. He continues to lead the organization and is also an Executive Board member of several other unique clean technology companies. 

The Carbon Black Asia Pacific Conference has always been a great event and Klean plans to add even further value to those attending. Klean will also have the chance to further demonstrate the strides made globally in processing technology, building on its already strong involvement with several Fortune 500 Industrials.

The Conference is the leading carbon black event in South East Asia, focusing on the latest developments in production efficiencies and providing the perfect venue for exploring potential opportunities in Asia. The event also features a global audience of high-level decision-makers in technology and commodity supply chains. “The South East Asian market,” said Jesse Klinkhamer, “is an ever-expanding market and I’m honored to have been invited to provide one of the keynote speeches”. Every nation in the world today understands the necessity of cleaner commodity production and better resource management practices.

For more information about the event please follow this link » GO.

About Klean

Klean is developing projects using commercially proven technologies that produce the highest quality fuels, nano-carbons, and green energy from a variety of waste materials and surface carbon feedstocks. Klean’s primary applications consist of converting high calorific waste streams into valuable commodities. 

Klean brings together an international team of award-winning experts in the deployment of alternative energy solutions. Klean’s patented technologies improve the fuels and energy production and distribution process along the whole length of today’s existing supply chains.

Klean delivers measurable results for its customers through its extensive international market expertise as well as its comprehensive clean technology platform of products and solutions. Specific Klean innovations include advanced waste recycling and resource recovery techniques, scalable and modular micro-processing facilities, and carbon-monitoring smart infrastructure. 

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