Mobile Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Starts Operations

Vancouver, Canada - Klean Industries Inc. “KI”- Announced today that all major systems of the Bio-Oil plant are completed and that the initial successful start-up of the “MORPPS” mobile organic retort pyrolysis processing system began at the Vancouver facility on May 30th. Full commissioning will be finalized once the certificate of acceptance by the Ministry of Environment of the Province of British Columbia is received. Key systems have been tested and have operated within design standards and operator training has taken place. 

The process of commissioning comprises the installation of instrumentation and testing of all subsystems in preparation for full Bio-Oil and Charcoal production. The engineering team has completed the initial testing of the closed-loop pyrolysis process, charcoal handling system, and receiving tanks. 

The final commissioning will test indirect heating systems and feed input to the reactor. A major milestone will be completed in the coming weeks during the “Full Circle” test of all the systems. 

We have successfully demonstrated the mobile conversion process and have spent 8 years testing the system. “We have now begun commercialization of the mobile system and are extremely pleased to announce the start-up and commissioning of the 40tpd system,” said Marc Smith the Business Development Director. 

Through the application of retort pyrolysis, the system unlocks the natural energy inside the world’s abundant organic resources which are normally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries. The unique technology economically and commercially converts biomass into a renewable, environmentally friendly Biofuel. The system is designed for easy modular scale-up and very little pre-treatment to input feedstock. 

The system is capable of processing these residues into fuel known as Bio-Oil, as well as a char. Approximately 24 tonnes of Bio-Oil and 8 tonnes of char will be produced per day as well as a gas which will be used to fuel the system.

Bio-Oil is a free-flowing, dark brown liquid comprised of highly oxygenated compounds. As a fuel, Bio-Oil is considered to be CO2 neutral and emits no SOx and low NOx when combusted. Bio-Oil density is high at 1.2kgs/liter. The heating value on a weight basis is approximately 40% of that of diesel. On a volume basis, the heating value compared to diesel is approximately 55%.

Bio-Oil can be stored, pumped, and transported like petroleum-based products and can be combusted directly in boilers, gas turbines, and slow and medium-speed diesel for heat and power applications.

The next step in the design process calls for a plant capable of processing 200 tonnes per day of dry biomass that is capable of producing approximately 120 tonnes of Bio-Oil and 50 tonnes of char per day (equivalent in energy to 450 barrels of hydrocarbon oil per day). 

Benefits of these applications include:
  • Agro and Forest industries - Mitigation of residue management costs.
  • Off Grid Power - Produce local fuel at no transportation cost.
  • Fuel importers - Replace and mitigate import costs & produce fuel from a local resource.
  • Climate Change - Greenhouse gas neutral (credits), no sulfur; low thermal NOX


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